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Founded in 1980, VETTAFLEX s.r.l. gets into construction, realizing external finishes products such as parapets, dividing panels, sun/windbreakers shieldings and fences.

Since the beginning the company aimed to create aestetically smooth finished and technically well structured products, conception that has been pursued until today.

Using fine quality raw materials,adopting particular technical solutions (some of those have been patented) and the persevering research of innovative solutions, guaranted an extraordinary durability of our products year after year, keeping the manteinance interventions very limited.


VETTAFLEX s.r.l. uses PVC and Aluminium to realize its standard products, the same time is specialized in projecting and making products on demand, often going to be made of different material such as stratified glass, high density material, fiber cement slabs, cotto, etc.

Our company is involved in environmental protection too. Thanks to the acquired experiences in more than 25 years of life, is developing a new branch closely connected to clean electric energy using photovoltaic tecnologies. Photovoltaic panels are easily integrable in building constructions and allows a very consistant production of clean electric energy environmentally sustainable and without any contraindication.

VETTAFLEX s.r.l., doesn't simply follow the market's requests and new architectonics trends of serching new materials but looks forward trying to improve environment and its costumers quality of life.

The best partner you deserve for everything you need.